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Please send donations as Bank Draft or Cheque drawn in favor of “Vatsalya”, Jaipur.

Donation by cheque. Direct bank transfers are also possible, for which if you contact us, we will send you details. All the donations from Indian residents are exempted from tax under 80G. Please contact for further information.


You may send your donation to NICF. It is a tax exempt non-profit agency registered by Dan Eigsti in Kansas, USA to raise funds for Vatsalya’s children rehabilitation program. Our pledge is that 90% or more of the funds raised by NICF will directly support street children in India. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Note: Donations for non US residents are not tax deductible.

Vatsalya is supported by Give India through its Monthly donation option (MDO) and Regular donation option (RDO) in the projects, as per the link provided

Vatsalya requests your kind support in two major areas for its residential school:

1. Renovation of its 20 years old  toilets and bathrooms

2. Building a Science Center for Vatsalya students as well as for over 5000 students studying in different schools around Vatsalya Campus.

Please click below for making donations for above two projects.

There are many simple ways that you can make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in India. Building awareness is one of the first steps toward change.
Join our facebook page and tell all of your friends about us. The more people who know about the work we do at Vatsalya, the more people who get involved!


Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without our committed donors and funds raised by friends and volunteers. You can get involved today by starting a support group in your community, church group, office or school.
If you would like to raise funds for something specific such as teaching resources, a teacher’s salary, computers or skills training for example, please contact us so we can ensure your funds go to exactly what you intended.
Let us know if you would like to raise funds for Vatsalya through your school or community group so we can help you with useful resources such as flyers and posters and other visual material.


School children from all over the world can share ideas and collaborate on projects through video conferencing and skype. The children at Udayan would benefit greatly from this shared classroom experience.
Anything from teaching English to cultural exchanges. Come up with some ideas and we can make arrangements with your school – the possibilities for this enriching exchange are endless.

If you would like to volunteer to teach the children English online, we can arrange a program schedule for you. Also, we would welcome school collaborations where we can have interactive sessions with children in a classroom anywhere in the world. Please contact
Sell Friendship Bracelets
Our handmade bracelets are extremely popular for school fundraising. Let us know if you’re interested and we can supply the bracelets, hand made by the children at Udayan
Sell Our Recipe Booklet
Let us know and we can supply you with copies of “Food – With Love from Jaipur” traditional (delicious) recipes from Jaipur India.
Buy products from Anoothi
Anoothi is a women’s cooperative that donates 50% of it’s profits to Vatsalya’s Udayan. See Women’s Empowerment section of our website to know more.