Vatsalya ||वात्सल्य||


VATSALYA SOCIETY - Reg. : 172/JAI/1995-96


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"Transforms lives through innovative initiatives, sustainable programmes, and strong partnerships, focusing on education, health, and empowerment for marginalized communities"

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NPO on BSE Social Stock exchange

Vatsalya Society has been registered as Not for Profit Organization on BSE Social Stock Exchange (BSE SSE) under the registration number BSESSE0002NP2223 It was the second organization in the nation to do so.

Who Are We? 

Vatsalya Society (Referred to as Vatsalya or Vatsalya Jaipur throughout the website) is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) established in 1995 under the Society  Institution Registration Act 1958.  It catered to orphaned and abandoned children, especially street children through its short-term and long-term program for 20 years. Today, Vatsalya has evolved into a full-fledged community school amidst the villages of Achrol, Rural Rajasthan, with many other outreach programs across the fields of public health and nutrition, women empowerment, climate change mitigation especially Solar energy, and a very unique STEM-based learning School, in a self-developed Carbon Neutral Green Campus, the only kind in Rajasthan. Vatsalya has worked extensively in the entire Rajasthan in Public Health and nutrition in partnership with Government, Unicef, GAIN, and the European commission.

Vision: To progress Indian society by enabling our disadvantaged people to achieve their true potential. 

Mission: By Direct action and intervention, provide a caring environment where our disadvantaged and vulnerable people can develop their capabilities with dignity. 

Vatsalya is a thought, a philosophy, very similar to the meaning of the word "unconditional motherly love"; working on equitable access to all across human development fields.

Video with the children of Vatsalya (Children's day 2022)

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VATSALYA SOCIETY Reg. : 172/JAI/1995-96