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Face-To-Face with Physics 

Exclusively for Vatsalya Children and students of astronomy program

with an astronomy show  

Past Events

Stellar Safari

20th Januarary 24' at Vatsalya Space Observatory .

Facilitator: Prof. Celestino Ruivo (Portugal)

29TH FEB & 1ST MARCH 2024, 

Learn to make solar pucca cooker and DIYSolar cookers Embrace the skills and knowledge gained here to innovate, lead, and inspire in the burgeoning field of solar cooking and sustainable living.

Mr Ajay Talwar

Jewels In The Night Sky

With Renowned Astrophotographer and science communicator 

For vatsalya's astronomy students 

Sunday 11th janurary 2024 

11:00 AM , Vatsalya Science center.

Vatsalya had organized its first international conference on campus in July 2023, which was officially a part of Consolfood -23, held in July in a hybrid (Online and Offline) mode .The conference focused on solar cooking, solar food processing, and solar drying, and also featured a special session by Wolfgang Scheffler, the inventor of the Scheffler Paraboloid reflector. Students, researchers, teachers, and hobbyists from all across the nation had joined in on 12, 13, 14 July and had participated in various activities including making their own solar cooker, cooking solar food, solar baking, etc.

The flyer for the conference can be accessed here.

Vatsalya Astronomical Observatory Inaugration

Quarter-3, 2023. Access to astronomy, in collaboration with top scientists from across the world's leading space agencies. Its objective is to give exposure and inspire them for becoming scientists and astronomers early in their life.

Visit by the group "Vaatavaran"

Click here to know more: March 3-5, 2023

Women's Day Celebration

March 8, 2023