HIV AIDS (Kavach) Project

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Outreach work

Interpersonal session

Kavach Project against HIV-Aids

This intervention for long-distance truckers and allied populations started in 2005. The program has clear and well-defined objectives:

As part of the program, Vatsalya provides STI/HIV/AIDS services at five major truck halting-points on the highways of Rajasthan and Gwalior in MP. The program began with theBill-Melinda Gates Foundation via the Transport Corporation of India Foundation (TCIF) in February 2005. In November 2011, the project was taken over by the National AIDS Control Society and has been supported by it ever since.

In India, truckers most often come from the poorest of the poor section of society. They are poorly educated with little awareness of various health hazards and particularly that of unsafe intercourse.

Major funding support for HIV & AIDS program comes from RSACS.

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