Journey of Vatsalya

A 20-Year-Old Journey of Vatsalya

Vatsalya is a Sanskrit word meaning unconditional motherly love. Vatsalya came into existence in 1995 by registering itself under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958. The major activities of the organization, however, started in the year 2000 when its Founder Members Jaimala and Hitesh decided to leave their full-time jobs and devote their energy and efforts to establishing the organization. Their decision coincided with the sad demise of Jaimala's mother, Mahashweta Devi, whose gifted assets to her daughters initiated Vatsalya's first few activities. This included helping destitute and desperate children who lived on the footpath, conducting health check-ups, providing free medicines, and organizing health education camps and counselling sessions.

Vatsalya has undertaken projects and interventions that spread over the entire state of Rajasthan. We have a unique Children's Village on the outskirts of Jaipur which is Vatsalya's mother campus.

2000 - 2005


We are proud to introduce our most committed supporter Conny Van Staalen from the Benaras School Funds. She is not only our donor for 23 years, but also visits every year to bless our children and help our team grow.


Vatsalya became the technical agency for the district health society (DHS) Barmer and Jalore with a grant from European Commission in the sector health reform project. Under this pilot project, the strengthening of DHS and capacity building of health staff was done. This project was implemented from 2002 to 2005 and after this government remodeled the entire health system in the state.

2003 Namaste India Children Fund (NICF), USA was constituted in the USA and continuously raised funds for the Vatsalya 'rehabilitation of children' program till 2019 for 14 years till it dissolved.  Dan Eigsti, President visited Vatsalya 8 times and has become the best friend and well-wisher of Vatsalya.


Vatsalya became partnered with the TCI Foundation and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation in catering outreach and clinical services of Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) to long-distance truck drivers. This project is continuing for the past 18 years with over a million beneficiaries being served through our project. Later this model project was adopted by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), Government of India.

2006 - 2010


Vatsalya implemented “Quality Institutional Care for Alternative Care”(QIC&AC) for children in partnership with CRY to bring about changes in policies, attitudes and practices. Vatsalya was invited to present its work with orphaned and abandoned children in Aviemore, Scotland.


German Embassy awarded grants for Solar projects and computers. Livelihood training for women and marginalized communities initiated by Vatsalya. Started Jeevan Kiran Clinic supported by JK Tyre to address STI/HIV/AIDS in truck drivers.


Vatsalya was identified by ISRO to facilitate the establishment of Village Resource Centers (VRCs) in order to provide space technology-enabled services to rural population. Vatsalya was invited to present its work with street children in Edinburgh, Scotland and in Denver USA. Vatsalya started “Anoothi”; an exclusive program for economic empowerment for marginalized women including commercial sex workers.


Vatsalya in partnership with American India Foundation (AIF) launched Market Aligned Skill Training program (MAST) for marginalized youth. Vatsalya Advisory Council was constituted comprising of 11 members from six countries. The objective was to bring in ideas and concepts, funds and resources to  strengthen our rehabilitation program for orphaned and abandoned children. The VAC was also to help integrate ideas and values practiced by other world communities. Vatsalya started Targeted Intervention program for female sex workers in Ajmer supported by RSACS


Vatsalya was awarded a training project by Government of Rajasthan as part of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) wherein 9970  members of VHSC were trained by Vatsalya.

2011 - 2015


Vatsalya started its own school by the name of Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan for classes from 1st to 8th.  The school was also open to poor rural children from villages around the Vatsalya campus. Vatsalya was invited to visit residential care services in Scotland as part of an exchange program. Vatsalya started skill building program for female sex workers in Ajmer supported by Anchal U.S.A.


Vatsalya’s International volunteer program completed 11 years during which Vatsalya received 921 volunteers. Benares Schoolfund Foundation, The Netherlands begins its support to Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan.


Vatsalya received Give India accreditation. Partners and donors in the United States facilitated Vatsalya founders’ visit for sharing Vatsalya’s work and resource mobilization.


Vatsalya started training in Tailoring, Block printing, Kantha, Organic farming , Natural Dyeing and use of Solar Technology for women supported by Australian High Commission & Exim Bank.


Vatsalya started skill building program for female sex workers in Ajmer supported by iPartner India. Vatsalya initiated a three-year Black Belt Karate program for children. The black belt project was supported by Shawn Low and the program was affiliated with International Karate Federation

2016 - 2020


Vatsalya started skill building program for poor women in Ajmer supported by Fullerton India. Vatsalya’s accomplishments in figures: Rehabilitated and repatriated 580 orphaned and abandoned children, covered 18000 street children through Samvedana camps, covered 6800 youth under skill building program, covered 4700 women under livelihood program, covered 40830 truckers under HIV AIDS program.


Vatsalya launched POSHAN: Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition project supported by GAIN ( Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition). Vatsalya Prep School was started as English medium wing of Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan.


Vatsalya Vigyan Kendra which is named after the nobel laurate Frances Arnold, who stayed in the Vatsalya for 7 days. It was so heartening to note that she won the Nobel prize in chemistry months after she visited Vatsalya. She awarded a genius cap to Kartikey and that inspired him to build a unique science center for reaching science to most disadvantaged rural children. She was accompanied by another fellow scientist Pamela Bjorgman. The foundation stone of the science center was laid by the pride of Rajasthan  Jainendra Jain, Evan Pugh Professor of Physics from State University of Pennsylvania. All these three scientists donated $10000 each to help rural children develop interest in science. More than 800 children already benefited by this unique science center. It has physics, chemistry and biology laboratory. With the special interest of our young director Kartikey it also is now having renewable energy and astronomy. With the continuous donor support and involvement of world class scientists, we hope to impact thousands of rural children  to become new generation scientists.

GAIN supported staple food fortification program implemented by Vatsalya in three states ( Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh & Gujrat) with the involvement of food authorities of India.


Vatsalya campus in Achrol became 100% Solar powered with zero carbon footprint. Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Anemia eradication program initiated with UNICEF. Followed by a positive change in the adoption scenario, Vatsalya shifted its approach from 24X7  care of orphaned and abandoned children to a new Seven-to-Seven school for destitute children. Vatsalya school upgraded to secondary level.


Vatsalya continued its interventions in the face of Covid by shifting into a reverse approach of teachers going into the community during the lockdown period to provide access to healthcare, nutrition, sports and skill-building within the community itself. (The only school in Jaipur to follow this approach) (Read here to know more).

Vatsalya STEM Program came into full swing and opened up for the community with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in December 2020.

2021 till date

Vatsalya continues to be a grassroots level implementation and its annual work is shown as per the following integrated model.