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Book your spot for the STELLAR SAFARI on Thursday, 11th april '24, via the widget below! 

PLEASE READ: Your contribution will be accepted as a donation through our payments partner Danamojo. The contribution per adult/adolescent (Age 12+) is INR 1500 and the contribution for children up to age 12 is INR 500 per child. Please Note UNACCOMPANIED MINORS are not allowed, thus, minimum 1 adult needs to be registered with minors.

 The receipt serves as your ticket.

GROUP: A group of 5 or more adults/adolescents (12+ age), are entitled to a discounted contribution of INR 1300 per head. (The contribution for children up to age 12, irrespective of the number of children, stays fixed at INR 500 per child.). For Group Discounts (Click here for group discounts)

(IF YOU ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN THE FREE ORIENTATION SESSION FOR THE UPCOMING SUMMER ASTRONOMY COURSE, to confirm your presence, please whatsapp Rohit with your name, and number of people @8949991492)

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Vatsalya Astro-Tourism: Unveil the Cosmos, Ignite Curiosity

Join us at Vatsalya Space Observatory for an awe-inspiring journey into the universe with our Astro-Tourism experience. Discover the mysteries of the night sky, explore distant planets, stars, and galaxies through our powerful telescopes, and engage in insightful discussions led by passionate astronomers.

🌌 Event Highlights:

(Go-to refers to telescope capable of navigating the night sky automatically)

✨ Contribute with Purpose: Your cost contribution for this unforgettable experience not only unlocks the cosmos but also supports various children's programs at Vatsalya, nurturing young minds and igniting their curiosity about science and space.

🚀 Book Your Cosmic Adventure Today: Book on this page, or if you have queries, contact us via Whatsapp  ( +91 79766 75034 )  or call (+91-8209489694).

Join Vatsalya in exploring the cosmos and making a positive impact on children's education.


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Join Us for a Cosmic Odyssey: Experience the magic of the cosmos, learn about the universe, and ignite your passion for astronomy with Vatsalya's Astro-Tourism program. Book your spot today and become part of our celestial journey!