Vatsalya Astronomical Observation and Learning Centre


Vatsalaya presents Summer Astro Course

Discover the mysteries of the cosmos this summer and unleash your inner explorer with our 3-month Astro-Course, once-a-week classes comprising of 9 practical sessions in May-June (6 at Vatsalya Space Observatory and 3 in Jaipur) and 4 online sessions in July! Suitable for adventurers aged 10 and above from mastering telescope techniques to capturing breathtaking astrophotography, and connecting with experts from NASA and JPL, immerse yourself in a high-credibility network of the best scientific minds of our time. Take the first step with a complimentary Trial Class on May 3, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Hurry, as spots are filling up fast! Only 20 seats available for the May-July batch, and 3 May is the last date to register.

Reach out to Mr. Mukesh at +91-9785077438 for any questions and register below using the form to reserve your seat. Dive deeper into the cosmos by visiting our page for additional information and registration click here

Vatsalya Space Observatory

Located in the tranquil Bortle-3 zone, Vatsalya Space Observatory is a hub of celestial exploration and education. Our advanced observatory features a range of state-of-the-art telescopes, including refractors and reflectors. Guided by distinguished astronomers like Henry Throop from NASA, Glenn Orton from JPL, and Franck Marchis from SETI, our facility provides an exceptional platform for hands-on learning, stargazing, astrophotography, and scientific inquiry. Against the backdrop of the starry night sky, the observatory offers a unique space for students to delve into the cosmos, foster a deep appreciation for the universe, and actively engage in groundbreaking research. It serves as a launchpad for budding astronomers and citizen scientists, empowering them to contribute to cutting-edge space exploration and ignite a lifelong passion for the stars. To go to astro-tourism section, please click HERE

A photo of the teachers before a session (Above). Many other photos of astronomical objects and activities (below)

Some Unedited DSLR Captures Below (Wide Angle)

Some Unedited Smartphone Pictures Below (Wide Angle)