Governing Council

Dr Saroj Acharya


Dr Saroj Acharya is a Gynaecologist having 40+ years of experience in medical and health field. She has served in medical colleges, management institutions and various non-profits. She actively guides Vatsalya in its various health and nutrition programs. She is frequent international traveller

Dr Hitesh Gupta

Vice-President & CEO

Dr Hitesh Gupta is Ph.D and MPH from North Carolina, USA and founding President of Vatsalya. He has rich experience of 35 years serving in health management institution and Non profits. He oversees all the projects and programs of Vatsalya specially in the areas of health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Jaimala Gupta

Trustee Secretary

Jaimala Gupta, having specialization in food & nutrition and public health, is one of the founders of Vatsalya. She is popularly known as "Chhoti Maa" among staff and children. She is extremely dedicated with a vision of serving disadvantaged children and women.

Megha Bhatnagar

Executive Member

Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur in 1997. Founded her own design studio in 1998. She believes in simplicity and pays particular attention to crafting simple and elegant designs suited to the cause and context. Endeavors to achieve a unique design sensibility in each of her projects. Form that originates from function imparts the aesthetics, remains her underlying philosophy. 

Ravinder Kushwaha


A Master in Social Work from Jaipur, Ravinder Kushwaha has more than 16 years of experience in the development sector. He has various kinds of expertise in program implementation, data management, providing technical assistance and also worked with the government health department-  NHM & ICDS.

Ramkishan Yadav

Executive Member

Ramkishan Yadav (M.A. & B.Ed) worked as a head teacher at Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan for a decade. He continues to offer his consultancy on education issues from time to time and has garnered great respect among Vatsalya's children and teachers.

Devashish Jatav

Executive Member

Devashish is our own Ex-student. He came to Vatsalyaas an 11-year-old child. He worked hard and became a good teacher in Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan since 2018. Along with teaching, he assists in our Astronomy sessions, and also conducts solar bakery lessons on campus. He is very friendly with students, all students take his advice on their personal as well as educational problems. In his words "Before coming to Vatsalya, where I used to live, we neither got inspiration nor was anyone motivated, but after coming to Vatsalya, the level of our thinking increased and I got inspiration and motivation all the time. I have never felt orphaned while living in Vatsalya."

Jinen Kothari

Executive Member

Jinen is a Chemical Engineer and Executive Director at Navpad Pigments Private Limited, Mehsana, Gujarat. He is a businessman who brings corporate experience in Vatsalya. 

Priyanka Kamra

Executive Member

Priyanka Kamra is an MBA from ICFAI, Bangalore has worked in the banking sector for a decade, and lives in Navi Mumbai. Passionate about Yoga and healthy living, she makes sure to drop in at Vatsalya campus every now and then and often engages in extra-curricular sessions with children.