The project on fortification of Edible oil and Milk has been implemented byVatsalya, the technical support unit (TSU) based in Jaipur from October, 2018. The TSU based at Vatsalya worked in the three states viz;Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The strategy is to provide technical support in building capacity of the food industry in undertaking appropriate fortification, quality control processes and quality assurance methods to achieve the goal of large reach of fortified edible oil. The strategy adopted would ensure that the staple foods that reach the consumer are safe and adequately fortified to improve their health and well-being. GAIN-Vatsalya also supported the State governments in mainstreaming fortified staples food in public funded programmes i.e. PDS, ICDS, MDM along with the industry for positioning these as value added products in the open market.

Food fortification fills the gaps in nutritional needs and is recognised by WHO as one of the most cost-effective methods, that has shown to decrease the incidence of micronutrient deficiencies that were previously common and has also increased the health status of a larger population across the globe.