Sustainable Cooking Revolution: International Workshop 2024

at Vatsalya Campus, Jaipur, Feb 29 - March 1, 2024

Featuring Inventor of Pucca Solar Cooker: Prof. Celestino Ruivo, from Faro, Portugal

Join the ranks of eco-conscious cooks at our ECOSOL-VATSALYA2024, a call to action for a cleaner, greener future and also to master the transformative art of using the sun's power to prepare nourishing meals.

ECOSOL-VATSALYA2024 is perfect for students, teachers, chefs and budding environmentalists.

Exclusive Opportunity: Only 45 spots available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Immerse yourself in the art of solar cooking and join a global network of renowned scientists and innovators in renewable and green energy. Primarily aimed at engaging and enlightening students from high schools and universities, and culinary professionals from hotels and restaurants, this workshop also warmly welcomes teachers, professors, and enthusiasts who are keen to explore or advance in the realm of solar cooking, renewable energy, sustainable living Vatsalya’s carbon neutral village campus.

Please note this is a HANDS-ON workshop where you will learn how to create a pucca Solar cooker, understand the workings of various kinds of Solar Thermal Food Processing Applications, along with creating a DIY - solar cooker which you can take home!

Also featuring: Additional optional activities including a comprehensive carbon neutral campus tour; and solar + celestial astronomy! (Read below)

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Scrollable Workshop Brochure

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Solar Cooking at Vatsalya Campus (Since 2013!)

Vatsalya Campus and How to Reach

Boliyawala Ki Dhaani, Village Achrol, Amer, Jaipur - 303002

The only truly self-created carbon neutral school campus in Rajasthan with no reliance on external sources for electrical power, cooking energy, water and even most food (Dairy, organic farming, rainwater harvesting, solar reflector based cooking and water heating, Off Grid PV and biogas-fertilizer cycle - ALL SET UP AND INSTALLED IN-SITU WITH OUR OWN STUDENTS' TEAM) and also a unique science centre and space observatory, featuring equitable, hands-on learning.